Miguel’s Hot New Song

Usually I’m not a really big Miguel fan because I don’t really get his music. I mean he’s got a good voice but I’m not really into his whole style. Well this new video he made jus blew me away. It’s called “How Many Drinks? (Remix)” and the lyrics were really on point. The song features Kendrick Lamar and his verse is just awesome. It’s apart of Miguel’s “Kaleidoscope Dream” album and I like it. It might just make me a Miguel fan.

Tyga – For The Road ft. Chris Brown

Tyga got another video out for a song from his Hotel California album. The video doesn’t really tell a story, it’s just Tyga and Chris Brown in an all white cottage with all white everything. Theirs not that much purpose but I like the song. Lately I’ve become more of a Tyga fan and ever since Hotel California came out I’ve been really diggin’ his music and artistic style.

Check Out the Video and tell me what you think.

Something Different

So recently I’ve been broadening the music I listen to by just listen to random music and clinking related link after related link on Youtube and found something interesting. What I stumbled upon was this video by a  female artist named Kat Dahlia. She’s a  Cuban-American rapper and songwriter known for her “razor sharp” lyrics and her unique, aggressive flow. Her genres range from Latin Pop, Hardcore Hip-Hop and Alternative Hip-Hop. Her style is really unorthodox but it really speaks to you in a way that some songs just can’t. She speaks about the truth and her own life experiences which I can really respect. I think she’s gunna go far and she’ll gain a lot of respect over the years.

Watch this video and tell me what you think. And check out some of her other songs on youtube.

Sean Kingston – Beat It

Okay, yesterday Sean Kingstons “Beat It” featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa video was just released on youtube and vevo. In the 24hrs its been out it has racked up over 1,341,722 views. The song itself is one of those club scene songs but the video takes place in a manchion full of girls and then breaks out into a party. I found the video pretty entertaining. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sean Kingston do a cool video so I like it.

Watch the video and tell me what you think

Do y’all think the video will well and if so what do y’all think Sean Kingstons’ next move will be?

Ariana Grande – The Way ft. Mac Miller

Ariana Grande (you know the chick from “Victorious”) got a new song named The Way and its featuring Mac Miller. She’s getting major buzz on youtube with 15,812,068 views in just 3 weeks. I think this song is going to make her huge and put her up their. Check out the video. I’m a fan, it’s a hot song.
Tell me what you think about the video.

Thor: The Dark World trailer UK — Official Marvel | HD

The new Thor Movie is coming out soon in the UK. The videos a little confusing to me but Thor meets back up with that girl and both, Thor and her, worlds are going through hell. The movie should be coming to America in a couple of months, but of course the UK gets it before us. I like the first movie and I hope they won’t mess the story up by changing the characters and messing with the story.
What do you think the Trailors trying to say? Please I’m not getting it.