Xbox 0ne :(

O.K. so yesterday my friend came over and since he’s an Xbox fan he wanted to talk about all there was to offer  on the Xbox One. Well turns out, theirs not that much. Contradicting what I said a couple of days ago, turns out the next generation of Xbox isn’t really doing that much. The problem that my friend brought up was that Xbox One just only focused on television watching and voice recognition. They haven’t really innovated the gaming experience, they’re just thinking about the next new way to watch SpongeBob and Cold Case, even though that show is awesome.

The second part that really struck me as odd is the fact that the actually disk is only meant for one console. The games are downloadable to the console, which doesn’t make sense since it will take up so much hardware space, but when the game is uploaded your console recognizes it. This also means that if you want to borrow one of your friends games, you have to pay a fee to use it on your console. Yea stupid but the gaming won’t even matter since this one is so focused on tv. Oh, and no used games.

Any who, these are just some of the things that diminishes the pride of the Xbox name. I feel bad for Xbox fans, their gunna be really disappointed in this and Microsoft is gunna lose so many hardcore gamers. This is why I’m can’t wait for the PS4. Just don’t buy this console, wait till they come out with the Xbox 720.

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Game Console

The Microsoft Industry has finally come out with the next generation of Xbox Consoles. The new Xbox One has some new amazing features to it that might cause a little more rivalry in the gaming world. From a hardware standpoint, while everything is more powerful, little is radically different from the Xbox 360. Similar to Sony’s PlayStation 4, the Xbox One has a custom-built 8-core CPU, with 8 gigabytes of RAM, a 500 gigabyte hard drive, USB 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and a Blu-ray drive. The controller has received some cosmetic changes to its exterior, adding a more precise joystick. The once removable battery is now fully integrated, but at its core, it offers the same game-playing experience it always has. Honestly, I’m don’t really care that much about the new Xbox or any previous Xboxes. I’m more of a “PlayStation type guy”.