Police Arrested a Suspect for Random Vehicle Shootings

Police arrested a possible suspect yesterday for a string of vehicle shootings in Kansas City. The shootings have been going on for the past couple of weeks and have been taking place in Grandview, where seven highways intersect and where six of the reported shootings have taken place. For awhile the police had been struggling to get enough evidence in order to get a warrant, but after the series of patterns, that could be linked to one person, were found, it was enough to bring the suspect in. The suspect will soon be charged for the injuries they caused to three people, although none were deemed life-threatening. Nothing is really known about the court-date but it will be soon. No idea how the courts will approach this situation.

When stories like this come up, there’s no real way to explain. I’m not sure it has that much to do with hate but has more to do with insanity. On one hand, we don’t know enough information about the suspect to make a clear assumption, but on the other hand we can gather enough information from the situation to tell us that he was both insane and somewhat and at something. It’s quite simple to relate this to some type of hate, however based on the minuscule amount information given, I don’t feel quite comfortable trying to analyze this anymore than what is there. All I can say is that the suspect is hateful about something, we just don’t know what and why. Later info will have to be shown in order to make a better assessment.

I’d relate this story to “First They Killed My Father” because of the perspective it puts the reader in. In the book, the main character, Loung, was sure what was going on most of the time, and because it was first person, the reader could only make vague assumptions on the event happening. This is what makes the  two relatable. We don’t know enough information on the suspect or the situation itself to make a clear prediction. It could all work out or it could be a Red Haring.


Detroit Teenager Commits Hate Crime (Literature)

A young Detroit teenager was recently charged with assault and a hate crime after beating a suburban man in the street. The offender, was a 16 year old Africa America boy who was faced with intimidation counts for beating Steve Utash, a 54 year old Caucasian male. The teenager was further aided by four adults, who were also African America; the boy was the first one charged, out of the five. Kim Worthy, the prosecutor, said, “In the case of the 16-year-old charged as a juvenile we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the rimes of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and ethnic intimidation, in the case of the four adults charged the facts and the evidence does not support a charge of ethnic intimidation.”

This story is very sad to really read. It seems as though the kid had no real motive to attack the man, other than the fact that his skin was different. The amount of internal and built up hate is evident in this useless outburst of ethnic hate. I feel as though this is really immature and that the boys impulses were what drew him into acting on his emotions. The worst part about the situation is that the four adult, who should know better, just decided to aid the boy with no real purpose; It’s like “the dumb leading the blind” or in this case, “the intolerant leading the ignorant.” The shows real pent-up hate and allows people to view hate that is unnecessary.

In comparing this, I’d most likely view it with “Night.” The reason I chose to do this is because the whole scenario was based off an erratically racial hate. Like the camp leaders in night, the boy was the only one with a real racial hatred; everyone else was just following orders. We don’t personally know how they felt about the situation but we can assume a lot of them were just blindly following the leader.