Building Blocks to Perfect Phone


Motorola is trying to start up the new idea of a personally made smartphone that is constructed from “Lego blocks”. The whole idea started with the idea of having a phone that could be individually personalized by the consumers preference. Everything would be broken up by blocks and the size of the block showed its importance and power to the device.


Galaxy Note III Is Almost Here!!!

As most of you know, Samsung’s Galaxy Note wasn’t the first smartphone to feature a massive display, but it was certainly the first to popularize the new “phablet” category. The second-generation model improved upon the first’s design in just about every way imaginable — except for build quality, as we noted in our Galaxy Note II review — and as such, we have high hopes for the third version, which is reportedly set to debut in early September.

Fans have been riled up for month however it has no been given so much screen time in commercials or online sites, despit its earlier versions being so popular. However, when it is finally revealed, I be anything that their will be massive buzz about it.

Now even though their has not been much said about the phone, we still know a little about it. The Galaxy Note III will, in fact, feature a 5.8 inch full HD 1080p display, a 13 megapixel camera, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 chipset. Their is also a rumor that Samsung is shifting the phone build quality to a more metallic build. This is just a rumor but some feel as though this may so the problems they get from a plastic build phone.

I’m definitely exited for this phone and cant wait to get it.

Instagram’s New Upgrade

For those of you who haven’t been using Instagram lately, I found that the new upgrade/ update comes with a new video feature. Yes, now instead of just being able to post photos and comment’s, you are now able to upload “home videos”. My friend showed this to me and we even tested it out by making a couple short videos. Personally, I can’t use it till I get my phone upgrade next month, but I found it to be a cool little upgrade to an already popular app.

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One Game Console

The Microsoft Industry has finally come out with the next generation of Xbox Consoles. The new Xbox One has some new amazing features to it that might cause a little more rivalry in the gaming world. From a hardware standpoint, while everything is more powerful, little is radically different from the Xbox 360. Similar to Sony’s PlayStation 4, the Xbox One has a custom-built 8-core CPU, with 8 gigabytes of RAM, a 500 gigabyte hard drive, USB 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and a Blu-ray drive. The controller has received some cosmetic changes to its exterior, adding a more precise joystick. The once removable battery is now fully integrated, but at its core, it offers the same game-playing experience it always has. Honestly, I’m don’t really care that much about the new Xbox or any previous Xboxes. I’m more of a “PlayStation type guy”.

Supra x Casio G-Shock GA-200SPR-1AJR – “It’s About That Time” Edition”

Yo, I love cool watches and I’ve had g-shocks ever since I was little. Tell me what you think about the watch.



First previewed in early April, both Supra and Casio finally unveiled the Supra x Casio G-Shock GA-200SPR-1AJR Watch yesterday evening in New York City. In part to commemorate G-Shock‘s 30th anniversary, this collaboration with footwear brand Supra also mark shared philosophy and support in action sports. Based on the G-Shock GA-200 Series, with its unique three-within-one dial layout that features two digital and two analog readouts, the new timepiece will be in matte black with white indices and contrast LCD display. To add a bit of vibrancy to the overall design, the watch’s hour & minute hands are in bright red, along with the underside of its Cordura-synthetic leather composite band, in reference to Supra’s outsoles. On the caseback, you will find a special commemorative engraving of a watch dial at “8:13″ or “20:13″ in military time for the year 2013.
In addition to the watch, Supra created a special…

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Gallaxy S IV Out Today

Samsung Fans, I Galaxy S IV has just come out. For T-Mobile people like me, the down payment is $149.99 with $20.00 a month for 24 months. The Phone can:

  • “Take photos so amazing, you won’t believe they came from a smartphone.”
  • Turn your phone into a remote control for your compatible TV.
  • Navigate your screen without even touching it.

Most people I’ve  talked to think the s IV is going to be crap but still better than the S III. I don’t really have an opinion on it, it’s just a phone everybody is going to eventually switch over to and then forget about when a better Samsung phone comes out. How do you think the S IV sales are going to progress.