Building Blocks to Perfect Phone


Motorola is trying to start up the new idea of a personally made smartphone that is constructed from “Lego blocks”. The whole idea started with the idea of having a phone that could be individually personalized by the consumers preference. Everything would be broken up by blocks and the size of the block showed its importance and power to the device.


Back From the Top

Hey, I’m finally back from my trip to North Carolina, well actually I came back last week but I went straight to Virginia after. However, North Carolina was awesome got to white water canoe and hike up 3 mountains. The scenery was beautiful and I went through so much just to get to my destination. Overall it was a great experience and I will be posting pictures in about a week.

White Water Canoeing And Hiking

Hey everyone, tomorrow at about 6:45 I will be on a one way flight to North Carolina to hike up the Appalachian Mountains and go white water canoeing. I’m really excited because I’ve never done anything like this before and I think it will be a really good experience for me. It’s a to 2 week trip so I’ll be away from home for a while, but I’m gunna try to take as many pictures as possible, and once I get back I’ll share them with you all.