Hatred Through Ignorance

When dealing with hatred there are a lot of aspects to look. The main question still stands though: Why is there so much hatred? I believe that the primary cause of hatred is ignorance. Ignorance is everywhere and everyone is ignorant of something. I’m not saying that people, as a whole, are stupid but I am saying that on many occasions people fail to accept, or even recognize, others’ opinion. Throughout history violence, war and crimes have been caused due of some type of ignorance to another’s perspective. For instance, during period where Christianity first arose, many were killed, beaten and tormented. Their belief of God wasn’t widely believed, therefore they were doomed to suffer terrible consequence due to other people’s ignorance. More examples exist in my everyday life in classes. There are constant confrontations happening daily, and the source lies behind two different opposing ideas. Ignorance has existed throughout all of mankind, and where there are a group of people, there will always be ignorance.

I personally believe that we that we can’t completely get rid of hatred; it’s in our nature and there’s no denying that. However, there are hypothetical ways in which we can reduce hatred. I previously said that hatred is primarily caused by ignorance, but if people, as a community, become more understanding of others then hatred will drastically decrease; in other words, everyone just needs to have a stronger sense of empathy. However, as this whole thing is entirely hypothetical, I don’t think people could work that well together in order to reduce hatred. As the population grows, the amount of hatred grows with it-meaning that the amount of hatred in the world is always steadily increasing. This is why I don’t really believe that hatred can be reduced. People can’t get along well enough and ignorance is always a mental wall in society’s way of thinking.