Murderer Accused of Cellmate’s Death

Andrew Ward, a 24 year old man, was arrested after killing his 12 year old son because he “just felt like killing.” He was sent to a prison in Phoenix, where he manage to injure a fellow prisoner. Wednesday night Ward killed his 33 year old cellmate, Douglas Walker. The victim had multiple stab wounds due to golf pencil, his throat was cut with a plastic playing card & he was brutally beaten afterwards. This murder was seen as brutal, cruel and inhumane. When the sheriff detective got word of this Ward was taken to him, where he said that he had no regrets on any of his previous actions.

This is actually really messed up, in my opinion. He was no sense of sympathy, empathy or regret for what he does to others. In some way I believe Ward committed his second crime in order to “grieve” about loosing his son, due to his own foolish actions. He was probably to engulfed in his own rage that he committed these acts without thinking. More than anything, Andrew Ward is an impulse maniac and deserves whatever is coming to him. This all related back to the hate that has built up inside him due to unknown events. The anger/hate must stem from somewhere but he is too far gone to really care about anyone else’s life.

If I had to relate this to one of the books, I would again relate this story to Things Fall Apart. In the book, Onkonwo is fueled with such pent-up angry that he is victim to random outbursts of hate and rage. He continuously attacks his family and others close to him, even to the point of killing them, seen in the chapter about Ikemefuni. This man, like Onkonwo, is beyond “repair” and can’t function in a normal society.


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