Literature HW 3/28

Yesterday, while running across Kelly Drive, I saw two men arguing by the parking lot. I’m not sure exactly what they were arguing about but they were both very upset and showed large amount of yelling. I didn’t get the full grasp of what they were saying, due to the fact that I was running with my team and a bunch of other companions. We all seemed to talk about it after, thinking that it was some type of friendship or family problem. The conversation seemed to dwindle away very quickly because of our laborious workout but it was just something I noticed.
In my opinion I don’t really know how close it was related to “hatred”, it was more or less just some sort of confrontation between two people. This the closest thing I’ve seem all week to hatred and found that “hatred” can come in small arguments as well a nerve-racking fights. Honestly i don’t really think to much about the situation itself and more or less focus on the way the two men were yelling and gesturing. My thoughts are pretty simple based on the vagueness of the subject of their argument topic. On the matter of hatred, I feel as if it wasn’t the biggest forms of hatred but it was something.
I connected it to “Things Fall Apart” due to all the continuous arguing. Okonkwo was very “passionate” about  his emotions and expressed and and hate very open. Even to the point of beating and killing people. Although it was not as radical as that, the argument was still quite intense.