Instagram’s New Upgrade

For those of you who haven’t been using Instagram lately, I found that the new upgrade/ update comes with a new video feature. Yes, now instead of just being able to post photos and comment’s, you are now able to upload “home videos”. My friend showed this to me and we even tested it out by making a couple short videos. Personally, I can’t use it till I get my phone upgrade next month, but I found it to be a cool little upgrade to an already popular app.


Not the Scariest Movie in the World

So, I just saw the movie “World War Z” yesterday and I gotta say, it didn’t really live up to my expectations. The movie overall was pretty good and really well played out, however the commercials made it seem like it would be this really suspenseful movie that would make you jump out of your skin. The story line was solid and the characters were good but I’m a scary movie enthusiast and that part disappointed me. Also, I guess sense I saw it with like 10 of my friends, all in one row, we were way too distracted. The other part that made me kind of on the fence was the fact that, at first the “zombies” were all really digital and had really good affects. However, at the end they just kinda dressed people up and put make-up on them, which sort of took away some of the illusion.

Despite all of that, I still recommend it. The story was concrete, the suspense was good and the characters played the roles quite well. I guess it’s one of those movies you can’t see in a big group.

New Trailer

Yesterday, while I was at the movies, I saw the new trailer for “Kick Ass 2”. The trailer looks awesome and I’ve been waiting for it for a while. Theirs not yet a set time for when the movie will come out but I assume I’ll come sometime near the mid to end of summer. I can’t wait till it comes out, I loved the first movie and this one seems a lot better.

The Funniest Movie Ever

Okay, I just went with my friends to see the funniest movie in man-kind. It was hilarious, witty, original and extremely clever. Yup, I just saw “This is the End”. The cast was beautifully plentiful and it seemed as if everyone was in it. I literally couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire movie. It was a blast and I highly recommend it to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Just In Time For Father’s Day

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s baby finally arrived. Kim Kardashian has reportedly given birth to a baby daughter, yesterday. As TMZ and the U.K.’s Daily Mail report, the baby was born at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital yesterday morning. Although the birth of the baby was reportedly expected in July, things always happen unexpectedly. Both mother and daughter are said to be in good health and Kanye was scheduled to attend the Yeezus listening in Los Angeles Friday night but remained absent, expecting the babies arrival. Congratulations Kanye and Kim.