Finals Coming Up

Finals are in a few weeks and I’m stressed as hell. Officially after today, I have like a month of school left, till next year, and now I have to study for our upcoming finals. I hate that it’s like 10% percent of our entire 3 trimester grades. This tells if I have to repeat the classes or not and I feel as if as soon as they hand me it I’m going to forget everything throughout the whole year. It’s messed up because as soon as it’s nice and my friends want to hang out it’s the most important time to study.

I just feel like not studying and just chilling for the rest of the year.

How many of you really don’t feel like doing work….. Ever?


‘Iron Man 3’ soars at global box office

The recently released “Iron Man 3” has had massive like all over. The movie is not yet out in states yet but it raked in $195.3 million after opening in 79 percent of foreign markets over the weekend. “According to the Hollywood Reporter, that sizable opening was history-making for Disney and Marvel Studios, which put together the film on $200 million.” “Iron Man 3’s” dominance also surpassed that of 2012’s “The Avengers,” as Joss Whedon’s ensemble project earned $185.1 million internationally when it opened last year. As a result, some are curious if the new “Iron Man” movie could eventually surpass “The Avengers” $1.5 billion global haul.” This movie is planned to premiere in the U.S. May 3rd, just 4 days away. I plan on checking it out. I’m very excited for it and critics gave it an outstanding rating.

Go to this site to read more about it:

What do you all think about the movie and how do you think it will do in U.S. theaters?

Futurama Cancelled

Noooooooooo, there canceling Futurama. They comedy central is starting to dstroy my soul. Just heard about it today apperently, “on April 22, 2013, Comedy Central cancelled Futurama, announcing a series finale date of September 4, 2013.” For those of you who are counting this is like the 7th, or 8th session of their show. The session is suppose to start June 19th and suppose to have about 26 episodes. This isn’t right, after 14 years of this show I’ve grown to love those characters.

Comment and tell me what you think about this and do you think it should be cancelled?

Ariana Grande – The Way ft. Mac Miller

Ariana Grande (you know the chick from “Victorious”) got a new song named The Way and its featuring Mac Miller. She’s getting major buzz on youtube with 15,812,068 views in just 3 weeks. I think this song is going to make her huge and put her up their. Check out the video. I’m a fan, it’s a hot song.
Tell me what you think about the video.

Thor: The Dark World trailer UK — Official Marvel | HD

The new Thor Movie is coming out soon in the UK. The videos a little confusing to me but Thor meets back up with that girl and both, Thor and her, worlds are going through hell. The movie should be coming to America in a couple of months, but of course the UK gets it before us. I like the first movie and I hope they won’t mess the story up by changing the characters and messing with the story.
What do you think the Trailors trying to say? Please I’m not getting it.

Gallaxy S IV Out Today

Samsung Fans, I Galaxy S IV has just come out. For T-Mobile people like me, the down payment is $149.99 with $20.00 a month for 24 months. The Phone can:

  • “Take photos so amazing, you won’t believe they came from a smartphone.”
  • Turn your phone into a remote control for your compatible TV.
  • Navigate your screen without even touching it.

Most people I’veĀ  talked to think the s IV is going to be crap but still better than the S III. I don’t really have an opinion on it, it’s just a phone everybody is going to eventually switch over to and then forget about when a better Samsung phone comes out. How do you think the S IV sales are going to progress.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are coming out and everyone is going to see how I’ve been doing so far. I have four B’s and four A’s. Trying to get on that nerd level. The work has been exponentially easy and everyday is a unnecessarily long. I’m just hoping the three tests I took today will improve, rather than decrease, my grade.

Yo, leave a comment if your work is painfully easy. How easy do you think your work is comparatively?