New Wolverine Movie!!!

As many of you may not have seen yet, their is a new wolverine movie coming out. The movie is being called “Wolverine: International.” Unlike most of the Xmen movies it contains none of the previous characters, except in his memory. This movie focasses on wolverine after the xmen in the near future. The movie is named “Wolverine: Internation” because the majority of the movie is based in Japan, where an old man from Wolverines past offers to make him mortal: a dream that Logan desired for a long time, since he has been alive for about 3 to 400 years and has watch countless numbers of people he loved die. I’m not yet sure if I want to see it because they seem like their trying to stretch the franchise as much as they can.

Tell me what you think about the commercial and how you think it will do in the theaters

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Abortion Ban in North Dakota

Recently Governor Jack Dalrymple has signed into law a measure that will ban abortion. This would make North Dakota the first state to ban abortions on genetic defects such as down sundrome. The measure is said to take place for six months, starting the first of August.

Look at this site for more information:

Reply and tell me what you think about this

Do you think this is good or bad?

T-Mobile Adding iPhone?

With the new advances in the t-mobile company, they are adding a series of 4g lite devices; such as the Samsung galaxy S IV, the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and…. the iPhone?  Yes, the iPhone 5 will be available to T-mobile customers for $100 down, plus monthly payments of $20 for 24 months. This company upgrade is said to be available April 12th

What do you think about this phone coming to T-Mobile?

If you don’t believe me check out this link from nbcnews:


North Korea Missile Threats

North Korea has recently sent missile threats to the U.S. Kim Jong Un has set long range artillery to attack military bases on Guam, Hawaii and mainland America. Since then America has been on high alert and have been running drills throughout the week. The announcement marked a further increase in military rhetoric from Pyongyang, and followed a threat last week that it would attack U.S. bases in the Pacific if its “enemies … make even the slightest movement.”

What do you think about this and do you believe we should prepare?

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I Am Not A Human Being II

In the past couple of days some of lil wayne’s songs from his new album “I Am Not A Human Being II” have been showing up on youtube. Some of the songs on the album include; Romance, Gunwalk ft. Gudda Gudda, No Worries & Love Me.

Listen These “Undercover” Songs on youtube: Tell me what you think about the songs and the album in general



The Full Deluxe Version contains: From iTunes

                    Name                     Artist                     Time                     Price

ExplicitIanahb Lil Wayne 5:38 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitCurtains (feat. Boo) Lil Wayne 4:31 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitDays and Days (feat. 2 Chainz) Lil Wayne 3:13 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitGunwalk (feat. Gudda Gudda) Lil Wayne 4:31 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitNo Worries (feat. Detail) Lil Wayne 3:42 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitBack To You Lil Wayne 5:29 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitTrigger Finger (feat. Soulja Boy) Lil Wayne 4:32 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitBeat the S**t (feat. Gunplay) Lil Wayne 4:28 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitRich As F**k (feat. 2 Chainz) Lil Wayne 3:43 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitTrippy (feat. Juicy J) Lil Wayne 4:23 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitLove Me (feat. Drake & Future) Lil Wayne 4:15 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitGod Bless Amerika Lil Wayne 5:03 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitWowzerz (feat. Trina) Lil Wayne 3:45 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitHello (feat. Shane Heyl) Lil Wayne 4:03 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitLay It Down (feat. Nicki Minaj & Corey Gunz) Lil Wayne 4:05 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitHot Revolver (feat. Dre) Lil Wayne 3:20 $1.29 View In iTunes

ExplicitMy Homies Still (feat. Big Sean) Lil Wayne 4:07

Spring Break Gamestop Deals

New Gamestop deals due to Spring Break. Check out the great deals at They are selling deals from the hottest new games and devices to ipods and accesories. Those of you who have powerup rewards cards, check your emails to see if you can get better deals and discounts.






Homework on Spring Break?

I’m trying to get the majority of my homework done today. I hate doing homework during a break because it could be time spent doing something fun. The next couple of ours are going to be so boring.